2019 Class Photo 

The course is in studio format. Student work in the design studio will advance primarily through independent explorations with support from dialogues with instructors and colleagues. The dialogues will take the form of Desk critiques, workshops, pin-ups, and reviews. These explorations and dialogues will be supplemented through readings, lectures, site visits or field trips. Each student is expected to develop their project during studio class time and during evenings and weekends. Students will be given specific appointment times for individual discussion with instructors, which will also be open to all members of the studio who may remain in attendance during the entire class period.

It is expected that students in this course will study the role of landscape systems in Kwai Chung and develop a critique of its future urban. On the other hand develop skills for site planning and design at an urban scale, specifically the role of master-plans and alternative solutions to creating frameworks for cities experiencing rapid urban growth. Students will also exhibit facility in programming within the urban context and its role in landscape design. Last but not least, explore representational methods that depict complex urban scenarios ranging from infrastructures and urban morphology to social and natural systems.