Coastal resilience does not mean restoring coastal communities to preflood conditions or creating a steady state; rather, it means building dynamic systems that can transform, change, and evolve during and after a flood. 

—Nordenson, 2018

Taken place in Rambler Channel, the study firmly believe in one statement that natural disturbances is inevitable. Thus, instead of resisting the changes, we should adapt it, embrace it and understand it. We as landscape architect should utilise this natural modifier to help shaping our urban fabric. 

With a vision of embodying a smart and resilient future, there are three aims which are “An Adaptable Harbour“, “First Coastal Resilient Port in Hong Kong” and “A Smart Recycling Neighbourhood” .

There are several major programmes in the site as shown in the plan below which facilitates the recycling cycle, hydrology, ecosystem, economic activities and social cohesion in the area. 

In this not-near future of Hong Kong, flooding will be an inevitable issue. So the quesiton left would not be how to resist it; but how to embrace it?

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