Maritime Industry

-Frances Zhai Qifei

Keywords: Maritime Industry, Relevant business, Problems and proposals

Maritime industry is a waterborne commerce-it’s about moving people and goods over the water.

As a traditional industrial zone in Hong Kong, Kwai Tsing has one of the world’s largest container ports, occupying most of the HK maritime industry. Kwai Tsing Container Terminals are the main port facilities in the reclamation along Rambler Channel between Kwai Chung and Tsing Yi Island.


 The development of the terminal has promoted many relevant businesses, including logistics industry and marine travel business.



The total throughput of the Kwai Tsing Container Terminals has always been ranked in the top 10 in the world. However, in recent years, the terminal is facing increasingly serious congestions, which impacts the operating efficiency of Kwai Tsing Container Terminal.

Opportunities and Constraint:

There are mainly two parts in the maritime industry area of Kwai Chung District including Rambler Channel Public Cargo Working Area and Kwai Tsing Cargo Terminal, With three times of reclamation, Rambler Channel became increasingly narrow, while the area of Kwai Tsing Cargo Terminal expanded greatly. Therefore, the maritime industry of Kwai Chung District has gradually transferred from Rambler Channel towards Kwai Tsing Cargo Terminal. 

There are great opportunities to discover new activities within the Rambler Channel water area, and recover the ecological environment since the water is seriously contaminated. However, continuous human activities and existing facilities such as typhoon shelters, drainage systems could become the constraint for developing water area. Also, current user such as local fishermen should also be taken into consideration.


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