Site Transportation

– Hugo

The disconnection of public transportation is one of the most frequently faced problems for those who are working and accessing the Kwai Chung waterfront. According to research there is only the 404M minibus line along the site. The 404M covers 14 stops from the Riviera gardens to the Kwai Chung station, operating from 6am to 11pm. There is almost no coverage of bus routes in that area making the site even more inaccessible without private vehicles. The orange little bus icons are the bus stops while the yellow shaded part indicates the area without bus stops.

The nearest bus stops from the waterfront are the Riviera Garden Bus Terminus and the bus stops along Kwai Tsing road. Although the waterfront is in between three MTR stations, including the Tsuen Wan west station, Kwai Fong Station, and the Lai King station, none of them were near the waterfront.
Although Kwai Tsing in a district scale acquires a great connectivity, it is well-planned in terms of huge transportation infrastructures, and the roads are well connected with highways. However in a site scale, the poor connectivity made the site pedestrian unfriendly and hence limiting the development and efficiency of the site.

Opportunities and constraints

As we realized that Programs of land uses in the waterfront are segregated with the community, and developing public transport is a clear way to connect them together. While there is traffic congestion and air pollution due to the use of excess private vehicles. Therefore encouraging the use of public transport as a means to reduce congestion and connect the site is an opportunity. On the other hand increasing public accessibility for the public can also reduce the rate of illegal dumping at some point.

However, there is a low intention for companies to develop public transport in the area, since there is a low demand for it in the area. The second constraint of it will be the conflicts between workers and the residents. If the waterfront area is overly exposed to public usage, it may also affect the effectiveness of the industry.