Working Conditions

– Yvonna
The working population in Kwai Tsing district is relatively high, with a high labour force participation rate. Male has a higher participation rate compared to female workers.The district mainly focuses on import and export, transport, logistic and postal service industry. The Kwai Tsing Container Terminal, industrial buildings, logistic port and a mix of residential and retail are located around the area. There are several issues regarding the working conditions, including the unhygienic working environment at the cargo terminal, industrial area, and near the recycling stations, the poor hygienic environment and pollutants will affect the health of the workers. Secondly, the workers in the district have been receiving a relatively low salary with long working hours, while they are lacking rest facilities, there are only some temporary structures within the working area.
Opportunities and constraints
The opportunities would be to restructure a better working environment with resting facilities and infrastructures, with a hygienic environment. Also to provide social welfare to the workers, and lessen their working hours. With a better working environment, it would increase the working efficiency. However, it might be costly to develop the infrastructure and facilities for recreating the entire working environment, and the workers might get used to the original environment and the structures that they are relying on on a daily basis, they might be reluctant to change their environment entirely. It is also hard to find authorities to be responsible for the welfare of the workers when their company isn’t willing to provide social welfare to them.

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